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Transparency of markets leads to ever greater competition and enforces the need for business development. In many cases, companies do not have adequate level of know-how, skills and reliable resources for developing their businesses, as it is not their core business to expand but to offer great products and services. 


Headquartered in Hamburg/Germany, we hold branches in Zurich/Switzerland, Lahore/Pakistan, Dubai/UAE and Kuala Lumpur. You'll find EXPANDEERS (Malaysia) at CEO Suite in KL Sentral.

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German Malaysian Round Table 04.12.19 in Hamburg


Dear Friends of GMRT, 

sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


es ist uns eine große Freude und Ehre, Sie zum 3. Hamburger German Malaysian Round Table (GMRT) am Mittwoch, den 4. Dezember 2019 um 14:00 Uhr, bei der Rödl Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, Kehrwieder 9, 20457 Hamburg, einladen zu dürfen. 

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Market Expansion to Latin America

“Which country is the most attractive market for my expansion in Latin America?” -

“What is the best strategy to enter and conquer this market?” -

“How do I find the right partner to support my business in Latin America?” -

“What are the costs and risks involved in our market entry and how can we control them?” - 

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Expandeers new Partner for Russia

"We want to stress out the economic importance of Russia". As we said on our German-Russian Roundtable in June this year, we now let action follow: Expandeers is very pleased to welcome our new partner for Russia and adjacent countries. Olga is another expert for Russia with over 10 years of practical experience as a managing director of a German company in St. Petersburg. Rely on her expertise regarding all affairs of Russian business: sales, marketing, import and export, corporate management and leadership.

Her places of residence are in Russia and Germany and she has of course an excellent knowledge of the Russian, German and English language. Please contact us for getting to know how we could support your business development activities from / to Russia and beyond.

Expandeers Global Partner Convention: Dubai 2019

We are very excited for that we will be holding our annual Global Partners Convention in UAE this year. From 14th until 17th of November, all EXPANDEERS members and strategic partners - this side along with spouses - are invited to join our meet-up in Dubai. 


In workshops and discussions we will evaluate new global opportunities for midsize companies from all over the world.

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Expandeers New Partner for Turkey

Expandeers is very pleased to welcome our newest member and partner for Turkey. Wolfgang lives in Istanbul and it has been his home for over 25 years now. During that time he established and cultivated a unique local network with various contacts to authorities and entities in economy and industry across sectors.


Since 1999 he has been the managing director of a consulting firm and since 2008 he developed Business Process Outsourcing activities for foreign investors in Turkey. In addition to that, Wolfgang has been representing The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW; Bundesverband der Mittelständischen Wirtschaft) in Turkey for over 10 years now. And Wolfgang is the official partner of the Federal State of Lower Saxony in Turkey as well. If interested in and aiming at the Turkish market, Wolfgang is at your disposal with his vast experience and expertise.

German-Russian Round Table 2019 - A recap

Expandeers German Russian Round Table in Hamburg

On June 3, 2019, the Expandeers' German-Russian Round Table in Hamburg took place on the premises of Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. The 30 participants got a detailed overview with speeches on the current economic situation in Russia, insights in effective law enforcement and securing foreign investment and what to take in consideration when expanding into Russia.

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New customer: CAMEN

CAMEN's U-Fresh products are food storage bags made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and DuPont™ Tyvek® which increases the life of your fruits and vegetables by approx. 20 %. It reduces food weight loss up to 15% and controls the internal atmosphere. U-Fresh food bags are resistant to punctures and a barrier to microorganisms. They can be printed on, are recyclable and organic-oriented. 

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New Customer: Solutto Engineering

Solutto-Group (Mexico)  has appointed Expandeers exclusively as their official business development partner for Germany and further European countries.


Solutto is a company legally based in the city of Querétaro,  Mexico, dedicated to support industrial Gear Processes (Bevel and Cylindrical) with more than 10 years’ experience in Gear Process Application and Service. Solutto has the first ACCREDITED laboratory specialized in gear measurement and ISO certifications.


Founder and CEO Abraham Hurtado Gutierrez had been in Germany for the initial workshops, Control Messe and intercultural training with Expandeers' Partner Nancy Bravo. Expandeers takes care of the company foundation in Germany and helps to establish Hurtado Getriebetechnik GmbH in the German market as a leader for support of industrial Gear processes.




France as a vital business partner

Expandeers France


In recent months, articles and news captures about yellow-vest movements dominated newspapers all over the world when France was concerned, leaving a picture of instability and violence dominating in France.


More specifically, it identifies the national response of our neighbor to a necessary reform of the economic and social systems with the aim of strengthening France nationally and making it internationally competitive and thus attractive to foreign investors.

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Deutsch-Russischer Round Table in Hamburg am 3. Juni 2019

Einladung zum Deutsch-Russischen Round Table, Hamburg


Es ist uns eine große Freude und Ehre, Sie zum Deutsch-Russischen Round Table am Dienstag, dem 3. Juni 2019 um 13:00 Uhr im Hause der Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Gänsemarkt 45, 20345 Hamburg, einzuladen. 

Nachdem sich die deutsch-russischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen seit 20 Jahren positiv entwickelten, gibt es seit 2012 einen spürbaren Einbruch, basierend auf der allgemeinen russischen Wirtschaftskrise, dem Ölpreisverfall und der Rubelschwäche, verstärkt durch die Sanktionsregime der EU und Russlands anlässlich der Ukraine-Krise. Russland hat sich inzwischen hierauf eingestellt, fördert die Produktion im eigenen Land und sucht nach neuen Geschäftspartnern und Lieferanten. Deutsche Unternehmer sind nach wie vor beliebte, wenn nicht die begehrtesten Partner. Russland hat zahlreiche Anreize für ausländische Unternehmen geschaffen, in Russland wirtschaftlich tätig zu werden oder ihr Geschäftsfeld zu erweitern. Trotz aller Schwierigkeiten wächst die russische Wirtschaft weiter; der Handel mit Deutschland steigt seit 2017 wieder.

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Meet us at Hannover Messe 1.-5. April 2019

Meet Expandeers at Hannovermesse 1-5.April 2019

We will be attending Hannover Messe beginning of April 2019. Over 6.000 exhibitors and more than 200.000 visitors are expected to come together at one of the largest industrial trade fairs in the world. Industry 4.0, robotics, artificial intelligence, Cobots and 5G before the background of production form the major focus. 

Expandeers will be attending with several of our business developers. If you are interested in expanding your business country- or product wise, get in touch with us and meet with one of our managers at Hannover Trade Fair ground.

Update: Expandeers Middle East and Southeast Asia

Expandeers (Southeast Asia) PLT founded

After two weeks, our Managing partners have returned to Europe: Michael came back from his tour of Dubai and UAE with lots of exciting new opportunities and ideas. Clients ranging from the salmon import business, business centers to FinTech as well as new partners and a larger network in the region were some of the goals reached. Gerrit also just returned from Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Penang: Most striking and exciting activity was the foundation of Expandeers (Southeast Asia) PLT in Kuala Lumpur. Besides that meetings with MATRADE, Roedl & Partner and many existing and potential clients rounded up the stay and showed the diversity in terms of customers Expandeers can serve: From commodities such as pepper and Arabic Gum, rubber gloves for surgery, oem production in tech industry to business intelligence software in retail and artificial intelligence in maintenance. Looking forward to do a whole lot more business in Middle East, Malaysia and ASEAN now. 

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