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OUR CORONA-SUPPORT FOR STARTUPS & SME: Doing business and traveling abroad these times is difficult or even impossible with imposed restrictions, mandatory tests and health risks. Many companies are losing valuable revenues or even control abroad! With Expandeers there is no limit to your international business activities - even in Corona times:

 • GLOBAL PRESENCES: Expandeers is already present in markets where your business needs to be with own offices across Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia

• FAST ONBOARDING: Expandeers is ready to act on your behalf of you within 48 hours - worldwide!

 • PRESERVING YOUR RESOURCES: No own sales staff or time spend required

 • COST SAVING: No need to travel abroad, no headhunter costs, no office rentals


That's what we call EAAS - EXPANSION AS A SERVICE 


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Wherever your company is situated and wherever you want to expand to - Expandeers is your reliable single resource for global business development solutions including sales setup, marketing and digital channel support.

Expandeers offers a large network of reliable and certified senior experts for direct access to foreign markets and that in a transparent, very easy and fast way and with a high degree of flexibility to meet your requirements and targets.

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Länder-Steckbrief Malaysia 07/2021 (Deutsch)

Malaysia befindet sich seit dem 1. Juni 2021 in einem coronabedingten Lockdown. Mit Stand vom 27. Juni haben die Behörden die strengen landesweiten COVID-19-Maßnahmen bis auf ein noch nicht festgelegtes Datum verlängert. Die Maßnahmen sollten am 28. Juni auslaufen, werden nun aber in Kraft bleiben, bis die täglichen Fälle unter 4.000 fallen; das Land meldete am 26. Juni etwa 5.800 Fälle.


Dennoch bleibt Malaysia als Tor nach Asien, bzw. den ASEAN Staaten ein attraktiver Markt. Grund genug, einen Länder- und Marktüberblick aus Sicht unserer Tochter Expandeers (Southeast Asia) zu geben:

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Our new partner in Singapore: Welcome Frank!

To even serve our ASEAN customers better, Expandeers is happy to welcome our new partner Frank. A highly innovative and resilient global business leader living in Singapore with deep digital entertainment, games & esports industry expertise, gained from over 25 years’ building successful businesses and winning teams.


Being part of an international network of senior executive level relationships through active participation on boards, and industry associations, Frank enjoys his position as global industry expert and someone who shapes industries.


Recognized with the German Game Developer Award, the European Games Award and with Asia's Sports Industry Award (SPIA Awards) in 2017 and 2018, he has a verifiable history of commitment to growth, expansion and P&L optimization in the games, esports and media competitive industries in both mature and emerging markets across the Asia Pacific Region, the US, and Europe. With more than 25 years of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship comes  a certain expertise: Frank achieves maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure and has consistently exceeded performance goals.


He is the founder of the German Esports Association in 2004 where he was then elected as Chairman. He is also Vice President of the International Esports Federation since 2008. With Frank we strengthen Expandeers' SEA Team. If your are looking for a business expert in Singapore, contact Frank at info@expandeers.com

Covid-related status update on Malaysia

Malaysia has been in a corona-related lockdown since June 1st, 2021. As of June 27 authorities have extended strict nationwide COVID-19 measures through to an underdetermined date. The measures were due to expire June 28, but will now remain in place until daily cases fall beloW 4.000; the country reported approximately 5.800 cases June 26.


During this time, all economic and social sectors must remain closed. Only important economic and service sectors such as F&B, health and medical sectors, (animal) clinics, water, energy, security, communication, as well as postal services, banks, insurance and agriculture and others are allowed to continue to operate. The Ministry of Finance is working on an aid package for the affected economic sectors. With the help of the state, automatic bank loan moratoriums can be applied for for at least 3 months or longer, for the phase of the blocking period the wage subsidy program (WSP) applies again for all industries with RM 800 - 1,000 employees, suspension or extension of the payment date for all statutory contributions, continuation of the Electricity discounts for the next six months from July to December 2021, as well as other supports.

Malaysia underlines that it remains open to investments and even creates more favorable conditions for, for example, buying a company or setting up offices or other locations.


We confirm that Expandeers Southeast Asia PLT office remains open and is fully operational during COVID 19 situation.  If you need assistance and / or may have questions regarding Malaysia, please feel free to contact Miriam at malaysia@expandeers.com.

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Healthcare Sector of UAE / Dubai

The time has never been more perfect to get involved within the medical sector in the United Arab Emirates. In 2018, the UAE government contributed 66% of the country’s healthcare spending of USD 15 billion. According to the International healthcare research centre (IRHC) UAE or Dubai more specifically is considered to be ranked 6 out of the 46 destinations in Global Medical Tourism Index 2020-2021. In addition, from 2018 to 2022 the healthcare spend is set to grow at CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 9.5%. One of the reasons is the aging of population, which is set to see an increase of 29% by 2050 according to the DHA chief (Dubai Health Authority).

Quick facts on UAE Health Industry

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Expandeers partners with Gulf Resources LLC (Dubai)

A very intense and fruitful business trip to Dubai in April 2021 also led to a meeting with Gulf Resources LLC. Now we are happily announcing our strategic partnership between Expandeers and Gulf Resources!


Gulf Resources conveys and provides financial resources from its wide base network of high-net-worth individuals, family offices and financial institutions. Gulf Resources is well known and established in GCC for providing competent knowledge and market intelligence, business and financial advisory, financing business ventures and managing mergers and acquisitions to its clients.

Expandeers is the Germany-based and globally active business development organization that provides start-ups and midsize companies instantly with local business development solutions including research, business services, (analogue / digital) sales and marketing in a large variety of industries across the globe.


"Our decision is based on the success of Gulf Resources and its partners in the MENA Region for more than twenty years”, said Michael Fisahn-Reinhard, Managing Partner of Expandeers. This strategic partnership will be an additional factor to Expandeers Global Business Partners to have a large reach into the MENA Region and benefit from Gulf Resources market presence and professional advisory and commercial brokerage services."


"The MENA Region market provides dynamic potential opportunities for Global SME and investors - we believe that our direct involvement in this market as facilitators will strengthen Expandeers strategy and help its Global Business Partners in their decision-making process reaching for more business in the MENA Region said Najib Sayegh, Managing Director of Gulf Resources – Dubai."

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Focussing on the French market: Welcome Patricia

Expandeers is pleased to welcome Patricia, our new associate partner for France and French-speaking countries in general.


Living in Frankfurt/Germany as a French native she has over 30 years of experience in intercultural communication between France and Germany, as well as with other French-speaking countries, especially in North African markets such as Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.


The French (speaking) markets bear a lot of potential, especially for qualitative and elaborated products and services. Midsize companies as well as startups often hesitate to enter or advance into the French markets. "Working with French or French-speaking partners can sometimes be challenging." Often it is not the language, but the mentality, attitude and the work environment may be different from other markets. Our own particular culture "catches"us and we need to consider what challenges we have to overcome in our intercultural interactions. This should be part of the export strategy.


Nevertheless, one should not be hesitant to enter such a great market. The overwhelming potential can be accessed rather efficiently and sustainable, when done correctly. For that, we are very happy to have Patricia on board, to assist and guide all interested customers into this vast market.

Patricia’s interest in different markets and her research skills have enabled her to develop a sharp sense for market trends in France and beyond. Patricia speaks German, English and French (of course!) fluently. If you are looking for a business expert for France, Patricia is at your disposal to contribute and enable your company to achieve its objectives. You can contact her at info@expandeers.com

Dubai/UAE - Gateway to the Middle East

Expandeers - Expanding into UAE and Dubai 2021

On 6 April 2021, the virtual foreign trade day on “Dubai and UAE - Gateway to the Middle East” took place together with the BVMW, the leading association of German SME. Gerrit Stroomann, managing partner of the internationalization specialist EXPANDEERS in Hamburg, gave an entertaining, practical speech on the potential, future perspectives and about Dubai as a "launching pad" to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Expandeers Global Network GmbH runs the international offices of the BVMW in Dubai (UAE) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Therefore, we feel perfectly equipped to give insights and lead the way to expand internationally.


So what is it with the UAE? Business is the driving force in Dubai.


Reinforced by the current crisis, there is currently a rethinking and reorientation taking place in the United Arab Emirates. Especially for the growth of German startups and medium-sized companies, Dubai is an attractive pillar: On the one hand, Dubai is safe in many ways. It has an excellent infrastructure, free trade zones, investment promotion programs, impresses with extensive tax exemption, is innovative, flexible and agile. On the other hand, Dubai is ranked 16th on the Ease of Doing Business Index (Germany ranks 22nd as a comparison).



Gerrit Stroomann gave us an overview of the economic situation in the UAE, opportunities and potential: The oil sector and real estate are still essential and will be in the future, but the trend is towards digitization and health care (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health tourism) and the production sector is also slowly gaining ground in importance.  


Expandeers Global Network and BVMW are organizing a 4-day business trip / trade mission to Dubai in September / October 2021. This journey will give SME and Startups the opportunity to establish customer and business contacts on site, but also to initiate contacts with government, local institutions, chambers of commerce and embassies. Of course, the region, culture and “business behavior” should also be learned. If interested or for further details, please feel free to contact Hartwig.brodtmann@bvmw.de or GStroomann@expandeers.com.



We would like to thank our host Hartwig Brodtmann, District Head of BVMW in Bavaria, for the support and good cooperation.

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Doing International business in Corona Times

The global business outlooks for Europe and China / SE Asia are predominantly positive for 2021. Whereas the international German companies look more pessimistically onto this period: 27 % expect negative developments in foreign business in 2021. Only 17 % expect positive business outcomes. The internationally active German companies are facing major challenges in their global business this year: the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, the economic crisis situation in many countries and increasing trade barriers. Most of all, traveling abroad is difficult if not impossible. Therefore, foreign operations are hard to maintain and steer.

The German outlook for international business

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Successful Women in Business

Nowadays, women’s leadership is undeniably a key to a successful COVID-19 response and recovery since many of the countries that have successfully responded to the pandemic are actually run by women. However, also in business, women and their distinct leadership style, often are a success model. Technology and innovation have transformed our world, how we work, learn and communicate. For that and before the pandemic, the Digital Revolution represents one of the biggest opportunities for women and girls to achieve personal and financial success.

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Advice for accessing the Malaysian market: An interview with our Partner Miriam

Expandeers Southeast Asia PLT - Miriam Shastri

Miriam, Associate Partner of Expandeers SouthEast Asia PLT. interviewed by  Asia Law Portal

In her interview Miriam Shastri, founder of consultancy TOP Beraten Malaysia and Partner of Expandeers SouthEast Asia PLT, explains what inspired her to found the company, the key services she offers and prospect opportunities for foreign investors to Malaysia.

Studying law was what led Miriam into advising European markets, mainly German clients,  with bilateral trade, market entry and regulatory compliance in Malaysia. “It’s actually quite a funny story (in my opinion)! As I am Malaysian-German by ethnicity and grew up between continents, I always knew, I would want to do something with an ‘international edge’ to it”. Passion is what encouraged her as a founder. As people are passionate about a company or product, they will add much more value to it than otherwise. “I am also inspired by the humanitarian, charitable angle in business – using the profits made from one’s own labour to help others, can there be a more rewarding thing?”

Miriam states the values of transparency, out-of-the-box thinking and a Personal Approach to service (TOP) are key values to establish her management consultancy firm. The policy of the company focuses on serving a niche market of European-based companies, entrepreneurs and expatriates, as this is the target group where she wants to add more value to shape loyal clients and a respectable reputation, that distinguishes them from other consultancy firms. For Miriam depth rather than breadth of connections are important; a good network is fundamental in business. Many clients request help not only for expertise, but to use an excellent network, which is a game-changer.

In today’s hyper-connected world, word-of-mouth has a larger impact than before and most people trust a recommendation from friends and family over any type of advertising:  “We as a company believe that if a basis of trust does not exist, then we cannot provide services for you – trust and ethics are essential to build close ties, whether it is with clients, suppliers or business associates.” Trust in her reputation, social media strategies and word-of-mouth marketing is what determines her brand and how clients perceived the company.

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GMRT: Webinar am 23. Februar 2021 um 10.30 MEZ

Expandeers supports the GMRT Hamburg

Der GMRT / German Malaysian Round Table (digital) ist eine Plattform für Unternehmen, deren Geschäftsführer, Mitarbeiter, Dienstleister und Berater, Regierungs- und Verbandsvertreter.


Als Chapter Initiator des GMRT Hamburg, unterstützt Expandeers zusammen mit allen GMRT- Chaptern, MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority), OAV (Ostasiatischer Verein), IHK, AHK, MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) und der Deutsche Botschaft Kuala Lumpur am 23. Februar einen digitalen German Malaysian Round Table, zu dem wir jeden Interessierten gerne einladen.

Herr Ralf Schlindwein, Geschäftsführer International, IHK Düsseldorf wird gemeinsam mit dem GMRT die Veranstaltung eröffnen, gefolgt von den Beiträgen der nachfolgenden Referenten:

  • SE Botschafter Dr. Peter Blomeyer, Deutsche Botschaft, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
  • MIDA Repräsentanz der Malaysian Investment Development Authority 
  • Dr. Sebastian Weins, Wirtschaftsattaché, Deutsche Botschaft, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
  • Daniel Bernbeck, Geschäftsführer, AHK Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
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Meet us at the Global Digital Future Congress

Expandeers at Digital Future Congress 2021

Expandeers invites you to the DFC. A virtual congress with over 60 exhibitors and speakers, BVMW foreign representatives from 30 nations, impulse generators and door openers on the subject of “GERMAN Mittelstand meets International Business Development and Digitalization”. 

The 5 main topics:

  • Online Marketing & Sales
  • Process optimization & communication
  • New worlds of work & FUTUREthinking 
  • Cyber security & data security / IT law
  • Digitization & Transformation

The congress targets medium-sized companies from Germany and abroad who are interested in generating new or deepen (business) contacts around the world, expanding their business locally or expanding into other markets / regions and learning more about about recent IT megatrends such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT - Internet of Things, robotics, mobile business and digital marketing. The event also offers extraordinary networking opportunities on a very elaborated level. 

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