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Due to Covid-19 doing business and traveling abroad is difficult and often impossible with imposed restrictions, mandatory tests and health risks. Many companies are losing valuable revenues abroad! 


With Expandeers there is no limit to your international business activities - even in Corona times:


• GLOBAL PRESENCES: Expandeers is already present in markets where your business needs to be with own offices across Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia


• FAST ONBOARDING: Expandeers is ready to act on your behalf of you within 48 hours - worldwide!


• PRESERVING YOUR RESOURCES: No own sales staff or time spend required


• COST SAVING: No need to travel abroad, no headhunter costs, no office rentals


That's what we call EAAS - EXPANSION AS A SERVICE 

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Wherever your company is situated and wherever you want to expand to - Expandeers is your reliable single resource for global business development solutions including sales setup, marketing and digital channel support.

Expandeers offers a large network of reliable and certified senior experts for direct access to foreign markets and that in a transparent, very easy and fast way and with a high degree of flexibility to meet your requirements and targets.

Global News Flash - our blog

Why intercultural skills are essential for global business?

90% of the strategies fail, because people think and behave differently” (HBR 2015)

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Fake and defective FFP2 facial masks harm our lives

Just a few months ago, not many people around the world were thinking about facial masks. Today, people are well informed about FFP2, FFP3, N95, and KN95. But are they really? 


The so-called KN95-masks, with a protection standard of 95% safety against viruses such as Covid-19, were examined by an expert for protective equipment as well as by DEKRA laboratory. The results: the masks lack the necessary filter functions; it would allow 42.8 percent of viruses to pass through, while just 6 % is allowed as a maximum. While the N95 masks are approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), the KN95 masks are not. The world incl. Europe has been flooded with these masks and it has been recommended to replace defective filter masks immediately as it puts the wearer in danger!


To be on the safe side: Expandeers is a preferred supplier of protective wear for the Ministry of Health and supplies masks with original and CE certified FFP2. Made in Germany, packed in Germany, shipped from Germany by a world-leading company in Germany will grant you utmost security for your purchase. 


Get in touch with our Sales team now to receive more information: +49 – (0)40 – 8060 3670 or by email:


EU: MFR@expandeers.com

ASEAN: Malaysia@expandeers.com

Middle East: MENA@expandeers.com

 Central America: LATAM@Expandeers.com 

Rest of the world: Info@expandeers.com


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Partnerships in Pharmaceutical industry (Whitepaper)

Download our free Whitepaper of Expandeers' Partner Mario Schäfer now


Partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry help gaining access to innovative drugs and allow companies to enter foreign markets more easily than by any other activity. One of the main reasons pharmaceutical companies are looking for potential partners is to gain faster, easier and cost-effective access to new manufacturing technologies. 

Thus, local regulations and high market entry costs make it more challenging for small and mid-sized companies to expand into international markets by their own means. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies seek out local partners as an economical and practical strategy of setting up base in foreign countries. Further, there are high costs for drugs approval. Companies have to consider the high-pitched failure rates into their investment risk. 

Another reason for pharmaceutical companies to be partnering with each other rapidly is the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in R&D. Over the next decade, patients can expect these developments to have a significant impact on treatments. Thus, the partnerships among the healthcare and tech sector and scalable business models will increase the rate of drug discovery and product introductions.  



Click here and learn more about AI in the Pharma Industry. 

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Expandeers' new partner for Middle East & North Africa

We are thrilled to welcome a new associate partner to our network: Kaseer. He is currently living in Dubai and working as Head of Treasury/Single Family Office for Lootah Holding LLC. Kaseer is highly knowledgeable across multiple accounting and Cash handling/Cash Management functions. He works assessing, monitoring and planning the utilization of cash and investment portfolios to optimize the efficiency of the company. By working for more than 10 years as a Senior Accountant/System Administrator in Kerala Treasury Department, he also gained experience in the monetary system while intermediating connections with banks. Having Kaseer contributing to our team, will unquestionably profit Expandeers’ network from his managerial skills and solid educational foundation in Accounting and Office Administration abilities.  

If you are looking for an Business expert in the Middle East & North African market and someone with strong hands-on experience across the financial system, Kaseer would be at your disposal to contribute and enable your organization in the most effective way to achieve its objectives. 


GMRT: Webinar am 4. November 2020 um 10 Uhr MEZ


Dear Friends of GMRT, sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

hiermit sind Sie zu unserem ersten gemeinsamen Webinar mit MATRADE und MIDA herzlich eingeladen.


Der Ausbruch von COVID-19 hat weltweit beispiellose  gesellschaftliche und wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen verursacht. Die meisten Prognosen sagen eine negative wirtschaftliche Entwicklung voraus. Im Angesicht dieser Pandemie hat Malaysia durch seine pro-aktive Handlungsweise die öffentliche Gesundheit, die wirtschaftliche Stabilität sowie die Existenzgrundlage der Bevölkerung in Einklang gebracht.

Die Botschaft von Malaysia und die MIDA & MATRADE Büros in Deutschland veranstalten in Zusammenarbeit mit dem GMRT ein Webinar zu Malaysia mit dem Titel: "Bridging the Distance - Facilitating Business in the New Normal" am Mittwoch, dem 4. November 2020 von 10:00-11:00 Uhr.


Seien Sie live dabei für das Webinar mit der Botschafterin von Malaysia, I.E. Sarah Devadason, die eine Keynote Rede hält. Daneben erhalten Sie die neuesten Updates und Maßnahmen der malaysischen Regierung zur Unterstützung der Geschäftsaktivitäten von MIDA und MATRADE. Komplettiert wird die Veranstaltung von einem Sprecher eines deutschen Unternehmens, der von seinen Erfahrungen berichtet, einen Produktionsbetrieb in Malaysia während der Pandemie zu betreiben. 

Mehr Informationen zur Veranstaltung und die Registrierung finden Sie unter diesem Link:  Event Details & Registration


Wir freuen uns auf eine lebhafte Diskussion und einen intensiven Erfahrungsaustausch mit Ihnen!

Michael Fisahn-Reinhard

GMRT Hamburg   


Rescue your Mobile Phone and all your Data in just 72h


Worldwide people rely heavily on their electronic devices. Our phones hold our memories, work, photos, music, contacts and more, which is why is so important to keep them save. But accidents happen, and when water is involved, they can destroy your phone and data entirely in just a few minutes.

Water accidents on cell phones happen to every person once a year statistically on average and 100,000 Smartphones are destroyed every single day for this reason all over Europe. Additionally, technology centers estimate repair costs ranging from 100€ to up to 500€ for repairs, generating millions of Euros annually in expenses for mobile owners. The good news though, Dr. Dry presents the most suitable, fast and affordable solution to fix your phone from water damage within just 72 hours.

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GMRT: webinar on November 4th, 2020 at 10am CET



The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted social and economic activities across the globe. Many studies projected a downward economic trend. In the face of this pandemic, Malaysia has taken a proactive response in balancing public health, economic sustainability and the livelihood of the people.   The Embassy of Malaysia, MIDA & MATRADE in Germany in cooperation with GMRT will be hosting a webinar session on Malaysia titled:

Bridging the Distance - Facilitating Business in the New Normal on Wednesday, 4th November 2020 at 10.00 -11.00 hrs 

Join us live !! for the webinar session with the Ambassador of Malaysia, HE Sarah Devadason  who will deliver the keynote  speech as well as the latest updates on how the Malaysian Government is facilitating the business in the new normal from MIDA and MATRADE. Last but not least, a German company will share their first-hand experience of operating a production site in Malaysia during the pandemic.

More details on the event and the registration can be found under this link:  Event Details & Registration


We look forward to a lively discussion and an intensive exchange of experiences with you!

Michael Fisahn-Reinhard

GMRT Hamburg

Marquardt FFP2 and surgical masks

Marquardt is a leading global manufacturer of complex electromechanical systems with intense focus on quality and reliability, providing user-friendly interfaces between man and machine in innumerable areas of life.


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Marquardt shifted manufacturing focus to meet new consumer demand and aside from car part production set up a new segment for medical supply, e.g. hygienic surgical masks, which are highly sought after in Europe.

Expandeers has been appointed by Marquardt GmbH to establish their international sales organization for their respirator mask business. For further information regarding the mask, please download the data sheet below or contact us for distribution and reselling at info@expandeers.com.

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Expandeers' new partner in Germany: Jacobus

Expandeers is very pleased to welcome our newest member and partner in Germany. Jacobus lives near Frankfurt, but he is active in Business Development projects all over Germany and across Europe - or even in South Africa. With him on board, Expandeers also expanded its service portfolio offered to SMB and Start-Ups: Highly professional sales trainings, workshops and coachings.


Jacobus is an experienced B2B sales and Business Development expert selling services and products since 1998 and has been working for industry leaders such as American Express, Apple and Meridian Global Services. As a consultant he has since 2009 mostly been self employed and recently launched his new Company 360° BizDevelopment.  Jacobus is a member of the CDH (Centralvereinigung Deutscher Wirtschaftsverbände für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb) and supports new entrepreneurs as mentor, expert and speaker at the University Fresenius and their Competence Center Entrepreneurship (CCE).


If you are looking for a Sales Expert, Business Development professional, trainer for sales, negotiations or communication / DiSC Profiles, who has a strong hands-on mentality, then Jacobus is at your disposal with his vast experience and expertise.

You can contact Jacobus here

Business in Colombia - 10 insights from our partner Daniel

2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of my moving to Colombia and starting a company with my business partner. This personal retrospective explains why I haven’t regretted it for a moment. Many people called us crazy, leaving our comfortable corporate positions behind and moving to a country infamous for its violent past imposed by drug cartels, Guerilla and paramilitaries. But we saw positive signs starting to emerge in spite of the country’s bad reputation. The security situation was improving, international investment was slowly starting to increase, so was tourism. We believed that these signs were only the beginning of a significant upturn and our hopes were not only met but exceeded. Still, it took a leap of faith and a lot of hard work to build our company Ongresso.

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Werkstudent Social Media - und Content Management B2B gesucht

Möchtest Du praktische Erfahrung sammeln im Social Media und Content Management im internationalen Umfeld im B2B-Segment in Hamburg?


Wir suchen einen Werkstudenten (m/f/d) für Aufgaben wie:

  • Pflege der Website
  • Erstellung von Inhalten wie Blogartikeln
  • Weiterentwicklung der Website bzgl. Internationalisierung
  • Unterstützung unseres international Marketing Managers im  täglichen Geschäft z.B. bei Koordination von internationalen Beiträgen
  • Erstellung von Social Media Beiträgen und posts für z.B. LinkedIn, Xing sowie Schaltung und Optimierung
  • Erhöhung der Reichweite durch SEO und boosted articles sowie Paid social und search ads.


Was wir Dir bieten:


Ein internationales Umfeld mit verschiedensten spannenden Projekten im B2B und B2C Segment. Ob eine auf Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) basierenden Dronentechnologie zur Landvermessung, die von Malaysia nach UAE expandiert werden soll, Maskenerkennungssoftware aus Tschechien für weitere Europäische Länder, patentierte Handytrocknungs-Kits oder Verpackungstechnologie aus Mexiko, für die wir weltweit neue Märkte erschliessen, bei uns gleich kein Produkt und kein Kunde dem anderen. Wir bieten Dir viel Raum für Entwicklung und Wachstum und freuen uns auf Dein Engagement!


Deinen Arbeitsplatz kannst Du frei wählen, zuhause, im CoffeeShop, bei uns im Office in der Hamburger City. Die Abrechnung erfolgt auf Stundenbasis, oder als Minijob, wie es Dir lieber ist.



Die vollständige Stellenbeschreibung siehe unten. Bitte sende einen kurzen Lebenslauf an jobs@expandeers.com

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Live webinar: Digital Solution for COVID-19 in German

Retailers are facing new challenges of implementing legal requirements posed by Covid-19. These include ensuring that customers wear facial protection gear (e.g. masks) when entering a shop or to guarantee that the maximum number of customers within a shop is not exceeded. Organizational solutions can be highly complex, expensive and not 100% reliable. A "digital solution" for meeting Corona requirements which are based on artificial intelligence can particularly be suitable to support the current requirements for retailers:

• Mask recognition for entry control in real time

• Mask recognition for security in a shop

• Customer counting and identification reduced distance 

Expandeers' customer ADASTRA will held a live webinar together with the BVMW on June, 23 at 4pm CET.


We are searching for solutions which are flexible and future-proof. Legal requirements may change or disappear altogether. A.I. solutions are future-proof, as other usage scenarios are also possible. This includes implementation of other security aspects or the possibility to analyze and evaluate the purchasing behavior. At the same time, requirements regarding data security and system simplicity must be considered. The webinar will present concrete solutions and give you the opportunities to discuss further.  You will receive exclusive insights and suggestions and you will have the opportunity to ask the attending experts live.

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EXPANDEERS IS YOUR SOLUTION FOR GROWING your business fast and sustainably without blocking your internal resources. 

Call +49 40 8060 3670 or email to us for your individual proceedings and quote!

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