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With our global network we are present on almost every continent. Although we might not be situated in each single country we still hold expertise in all regions around the world and will obtain knowledge and increase resources with short notice as well as expanding our network to the countries you may want to go with us. Global Expansion Management performed locally!

Expandeers Markets - Global Business Development
Our focus markets for your expansion

We offer business development and easy market entrance strategies for stationary operations (production, retail, sales) as well as digital presences, online shops, e.g. multichannel and eCommerce) to the following 40 countries and regions:

Abu Dhabi, Asia, Australia, Austria, Baltic States, Brazil, Canada, Central America, Czech Republic, China, Colombia, Denmark, Dubai, Ethiopia, Europe, Finland, Germany, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South East Asia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom (UK), United States (USA), Venezuela and many others.

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