Red mundial EXPANDEERS: hacemos global su negocio

BIENVENIDO A NUESTRA RED MUNDIAL DE GRANDES EXPERTOS EN DESARROLLO EMPRESARIAL. Conectamos diferentes empresas, con desarrolladores empresariales expertos y de confianza de cualquier lugar del mundo para difundir sus iniciativas empresariales al instante en cualquier mercado internacional. ¡Contáctenos ahora para descubrir lo que podemos hacer por usted!

Dondequiera que se encuentre su empresa y dondequiera que aspire a situarla, Expandeers es su recurso exclusivo de confianza, para soluciones integrales de desarrollo empresarial a nivel mundial, que incluyen la configuración inicial de un plan de ventas, acciones de marketing o el soporte de canales digitales. 

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La transparencia de los mercados promueve una mayor competencia e impone la necesidad del desarrollo empresarial. En muchos casos, las empresas carecen de un nivel adecuado de conocimientos especializados, así como de habilidades y recursos fiables para desarrollar sus negocios. Esto ocurre cuando la expansión no ocupa el centro de sus metas empresariales, sino que su objetivo es ofrecer productos y servicios de calidad. Expandeers pone a su disposición una amplia red de grandes expertos, con experiencia contrastada y de confianza, para acceder directamente a los mercados extranjeros de forma transparente, sencilla y rápida, y con un alto grado de flexibilidad para satisfacer sus exigencias y objetivos.

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Our NEW Starter Packages for your International Growth

Get to know our new Service: Local Country Management for your company in any market in the world you seek assistance for.


The objective of our a Local Country Management is to show presence abroad and thus build up trust and confidence in your company, your brand and products you offer abroad.


With our services you maintain your own presence globally, grow your markets  and increase sales and expand even further into the world without even being abroad yourself physically, having to traveling to your outlets or having the need to staff own personnel.


You can decide on your individual level of support. We fully customize our services to your needs, e.g. to be accessible, to have a point-of-contact in the market, to follow up on your sales pipeline or to coordinate legal, marketing, digital or processual activities.

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Merry Christmas and a good start into 2022

Happy Holidays from Expandeers!


As the holiday season - and for many of us Christmas - is about to begin, we would love to wish all of you a Merry, peaceful and joyous Christmas!


During the last year, Covid-19 has continued to dominate our lives. However, in 2021 events such as the Olympic Games in Tokyo, UEFA Euro2020, Expo 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai were taking place and describe people's deep desire for normality. This was before we learned about the Omicron variant.


In these unprecedented times, it is more important now than ever to come to support and assist one another. Business wise we support SME worldwide as we have done before: Our approach of an outsourced country management is highly appreciated around the world, as traveling, staffing, sourcing and maintaining own operations abroad are all restricted if not impossible in many cases.


With our Corona-Packages midsize companies can -despite the pandemic- operate with our local support abroad. We are looking forward to a new exciting year 2022 together with you and wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season: Merry Christmas and a good, healthy and successful start into 2022!


Your global expansion experts from Expandeers!

The New Rise - A shift from China to ASEAN

Covid-19 has shown us countless weak points in cross-border value chains. Once the backbone of globalization, they are prone to disruption from trade conflicts or international crises such as pandemics. China's role in the world is changing, the country is reinventing itself as a world investor.  Foreign companies are increasingly migrating from China to Southeast AsiaFirms from a wide variety of countries and industries decide to move: US toy maker Hasbro closed its Chinese factory in favor of facilities in Vietnam; the Japanese electronics giant Sony has relocated its operations to Thailand, Samsung and Apple are investing billions in Vietnam.


Even Chinese companies are now leaving the country to invest in lower-cost countries. Wages in China are more twice as high than in Vietnam and reach nearly 70% of South Korea's wages. The labor shortage has also made it difficult to keep production costs down. The time when China was the cheapest factory and workbench in the world is over.


Moreover, the fierce competition in the Chinese market from local manufacturers has made the country less attractive as a production location. Example: A decade ago, Samsung had a market share of 20% of the Chinese market with its Galaxy phone; today it is less than 0.5%. This is one of the reasons why the Korean global corporation has largely withdrawn from China.

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Activate your customized BVMW service for EXPO 2020 Dubai now


Now major events had taken place,  such as Euro2020, the Olympic Games in Tokyo, so don’t miss out on the EXPO 2020 world exhibition taking place this year. From October 1, 2021 until March 31, 2022, an incredible event for superlatives will be held in Dubai: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. EXPO 2020 where culture, innovation and hospitality commitment will be celebrated is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Expandeers Middle East Commercial Services, representative of BVMW in Dubai, offers a carefree and individual business trip to Expo 2020, which is fully planned for you, organized onsite and accompanied by the BVMW representative.

Book your business trip to Dubai Expo 2020 with Expandeers (Middle East) - the BVMW's international office - with the following inclusive services: 

  • Flight booking with Turkish Airlines / Emirates or an airline of your choice
  • Airport pick-up and transfer to / from the hotel
  • Hotel booking and accommodation with breakfast, optional dinner
  • Transfer to / from the EXPO venues
  • Chauffeur service on site for other events / dates of your choice
  • Ticket for EXPO 2020 for the entire period of your stay
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Ihre individuelle Geschäftsanbahnungsreise und EXPO 2020 Dubai

Geschäftsanbahnungsreise Dubai für SME inkl. Expo-Besuch

Die Weltausstellung EXPO 2020 findet wie die Euro2020 und die Olympischen Spiele in Tokio nun auch erst dieses Jahr statt. Seit dem 1. Oktober 2021 wird noch bis zum 31. März 2022 unter dem Motto Connecting Minds, Creating the Future ein unglaubliches Event der Superlative in Dubai durchgeführt. Die Eröffnungsfeier ließ die Ausmaße schon einmal erahnen und erfreut sich zunehmend weltweiter Beliebtheit, welches sich bei Verfügbarkeit und Preisen vor Ort bereits widerspiegelt. Expandeers Middle East Commercial Services, Repräsentant des BVMW in Dubai bietet eine sorgenfreie und individuelle Geschäftsanbahnungsreise zur Expo 2020 an, die vollständig für Sie geplant, vor Ort für Sie organisiert und vom BVMW Repräsentanten begleitet wird. Buchen Sie Ihre Geschäftsreise zur Dubai Expo 2020 mit Expandeers (Middle East) – dem Auslandsbüro des BVMW - mit folgenden Inklusiv-Leistungen:

  • Flugbuchung mit Turkish Airlines oder anderer Airline Ihrer Wahl
  • Flughafen-Abholung und Transfer zum/vom Hotel
  • Hotelbuchung und -übernachtung mit Frühstück, optional Abendessen
  • Transfer zur / Abholung von der Expo
  • Chauffeur-Service vor Ort zu anderen Veranstaltungen / Terminen Ihrer Wahl
  • Einlass-Ticket für die EXPO 2020 für den gesamten Zeitraum
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Expandeers supports Global Franchises in their expansion to EU

Expandeers Franchise Support
The most well known Franchise Brand Mc Donalds

Expandeers is a leading specialist for internationalization, comprising of well over 50 experienced and accredited experts and executives around business development, growth strategies, sales and marketing. These experts are spread around the world to support companies on site with their experience and established network: Global Expansion with Local Expertise!


With their franchise support team, they more and more support international franchise owners in their endeavors to grow their market in the EU by finding adequate franchise takers for them.

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Expandeers Southeast Asia Team expands with our new partner Andreas

Andreas is a hands-on business all-rounder with an in-depth ability in understanding and managing in different cultures.Andreas is currently located in Germany and we are happy to welcome him to strengthen Expandeers Southeast Asia Team!


He has more than 25 years of sales & business development experience in global roles and German SME. Enthusiastic about Asian countries, cultures and people, he lived in Malaysia for 5 years. He continuously advanced business in South East Asia for a market-leading German-Multinational SMU, first by managing the factory in Malaysia, then successfully developing new facilities in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, and finally leading the overall Asia-Pacific activities as Business Unit Manager APAC with 500+ employees and a revenue responsibility in multi-million € range.


For information and opportunities in and around Southeast Asia get in contact with him and our Southeas Asia Team at

Expandeers Partner for Vietnam: Gerhard

Welcome to Gerhard our new Associate Partner for Vietnam!


Gerhard has over 20 years of experience in doing business in Asia:

He has managed the supply chain of a large German trading company in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong /Shenzhen and Taiwan. He led numerous companies from the DACH region on their way to Southeast Asia to successful business .


Together with his partners and his wife, he has built up several businesses in Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, including a production company (EU standard) and a successful training company in Vietnam.

The cosmetic brand he has put on  the market in Thailand and Vietnam has won several awards. In addition to his expertise in the areas of supply chain and production, Gerhard also has extensive experience in sales and distribution in Southeast Asia.

  • Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic growth regions in the world and Vietnam is perhaps the most interesting country in Southeast Asia and beyond at the moment. Many experts refer to Vietnam as the "better China".
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Market Opportunities in USA - Explore new markets

The United States of America, with an annual GDP of $20 trillion and population of over 325 million, represent one of the world’s most attractive consumer market. Companies of all sizes can find here a variety of investment opportunities, resources, technology and markets to succeed and grow globally.


In early August, the US Senate passed a $1,2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill to recover the nation's roads, bridges, rail, transit and electric grid.  The bill, called the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, features $550 billion in new federal spending over five years. It invests $110 billion in roads, bridges and major projects, $66 billion in passenger and freight rail, $65 billion to rebuild the electric grid, $65 billion to expand broadband internet access, $39 billion to modernize and expand transit systems and $7.5 billion to build a national network of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The bill also includes $55 billion for water infrastructure, $15 billion of which will be used to replace lead pipes. Negotiations were led by Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, and Sinema, a moderate Democrat.  The legislation would make life-changing improvements in many physical and organizational structures and facilities across the country, and supports the deal to promote economic growth and create jobs.

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Malaysia: Hub of Choice for Multinationals Around the World

Malaysia - Hub for global companies
Malaysia - Hub for global companies

In the heart of Southeast Asia, businesses from around the world are tapping into the long-term potential of Malaysia - one of Asia Pacific's most robust investment destinations. “Malaysia is a favorable investment destination...over the past 40 years, this has fostered Astra’s Zeneca’s expansion and strengthened our presence in Malaysia” said the President of AstraZeneca Malaysia, Dr Panchal. Also, the President of Microsoft Corp, Jean Philippe Courtois, explained: “For nearly 30 years Microsoft is proud to have been in Malaysia and we are excited to further strengthen our partnership to empower the nation’s inclusive digital technology”. With its manufacturing prowess, a skilled workforce, business-friendly government and environment, strategic location, and positive economic prospect the country has long been a hub of choice for multinationals from around the world.


In order to complete Malaysia's transformation, it is essential for the country to attract quality and strategic investment, reduce unskilled labor and spur technology. The National Investment Aspirations guided byShared Prosperity Vision 2030, which are a set of comprehensive plan to turbocharge the Malaysian economy, will focus on reviewing any investment-related policies and restructure the nation’s investment strategies. The Managing Director of Microsoft, K Raman, explained that Microsoft ‘s new datacenter located in Malaysia “will be a game-changer, enabling business to accelerate digital transformation with AI, loT, egde solutions, data, machine learning and more”. Additionally, AT&S will execute a significant number of R&D activities at this new location, “Malaysia can benefit its position as a technology-country and can strengthen the region as high-tech manufacturing hub in Asia” said Andreas Gerstenmayer, Chief Executive Office of AT&S. 

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