Expandeers' new partner for Middle East & North Africa

We are thrilled to welcome a new associate partner to our network: Kaseer. He is currently living in Dubai and working as Head of Treasury/Single Family Office for Lootah Holding LLC. Kaseer is highly knowledgeable across multiple accounting and Cash handling/Cash Management functions. He works assessing, monitoring and planning the utilization of cash and investment portfolios to optimize the efficiency of the company. By working for more than 10 years as a Senior Accountant/System Administrator in Kerala Treasury Department, he also gained experience in the monetary system while intermediating connections with banks. Having Kaseer contributing to our team, will unquestionably profit Expandeers’ network from his managerial skills and solid educational foundation in Accounting and Office Administration abilities.  

If you are looking for an Business expert in the Middle East & North African market and someone with strong hands-on experience across the financial system, Kaseer would be at your disposal to contribute and enable your organization in the most effective way to achieve its objectives. 


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