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10. May 2022
On May 5th, 2022, ticommunication and Expandeers jointly held an online event on the topic Vietnam as an attractive upcoming marketplace.
16. November 2020
Expandeers' new partner for Germany based in Dubai: Kaseer
09. September 2020
Expandeers new Partner for Germany: Jacobus Onneken
19. January 2020
To support existing treaties between Mexico and the European Union, EXPANDEERS MEXICO has decided to bring its experts directly to the country, to give three days of conferences and personalized advice to entrepreneurs looking to grow abroad.
15. May 2019
France as a vital business partner
In recent months, articles and news captures about yellow-vest movements dominated newspapers all over the world when France was concerned, leaving a picture of instability and violence dominating in France. More specifically, it identifies the national response of our neighbor to a necessary reform of the economic and social systems with the aim of strengthening France nationally and making it internationally competitive and thus attractive to foreign investors.
29. August 2018
Together, the German SME sector generates a considerably higher turnover than the 30 major companies listed on DAX combined and range among the most innovative SMEs in Europe.
11. October 2017
For the first time, Expandeers was one of the exhibitors at Bits & Pretzels Start-up conference and exhibition in Munich, taking place from 24th to 27th of September. 5.000 visitors and guests, mainly global investors, start-ups from around the world and international speakers joined together to discuss exciting new opportunities.
08. September 2017
Meeting place, workbench and shop window of the wind industry for over 25 years. Meet Expandeers on the fair.
07. July 2017
Expandeers clearly supports the endeavors of the G20 summit in Hamburg. One may not like some of the attendants, may not share their views or understanding of freedom, democracy or even basics such as decency and values, but as democratic people we are open - even to their views. The G20 summit is for discussing opposing views and coming to a common conclusion. It may end up with a 19:1 or 17:3, but not discussing these issues would not make it better at all.
03. March 2017
More than 200.000 visitors are expected in 2017. This year, The focus lies on Japan. After large scale international enterprises Digital Transformation gets more important for all small and midsize companies as well. Expandeers supports you in expanding your own market, generating leads and internationalize -analogue and digitally- to any region in the world. Drop us a line, if you want to know more about our affordable services for SME!

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