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01. February 2023
Launching our new service: Our Global Expansion Alliance
Launching our new service: Our Global Expansion Alliance, exclusively for midsize companies for an instant and reliable access to international knowledge, markets and trusted resources
11. January 2023
How to best grow your Midsize Company globally
Growing globally can be a hassle. If done professionally, it is the most effective way to scale.
09. January 2023
Why Hydrogen is the future of energy
Hydrogen has many disadvantages ... but also many advantages. And, it is the future of energy in the World!
08. January 2023
Expanding to Middle East successfully
Expanding to Middle East, whether it be Dubai and the Arab Emirates or beyond bears many attractive chance
15. December 2022
Join us: Global Partner Meeting 2023
We are cordially inviting all our associate partners, strategic partners and local shareholders as well as all prospects to our annual global partner meeting 2023 in Dubai.
22. November 2022
Tipps für Expansion & Firmengründungen im Ausland
Lesertipp: Firmengründungen im Ausland. Überblick, Abwägung Vor- und Nachteile. Weitere Titel ebenfalls verfügbar zum Thema Gründung, Steuern und Internationalisierung. Hier bestellbar
20. October 2022
Spreading your Franchise Brand globally
You have a strong and trusted brand, a concept that works, clear processes in place and ready to scale your business? We support you in expanding your company with a successful franchise approach
19. October 2022
Minijob (remote / Hamburg) auf 520 EUR Basis: Assistenz Marketing & Vertrieb (m/w/d)
Minijob (remote / Hamburg) auf 480 EUR Basis: Assistenz Marketing & Vertrieb (m/w/d)
18. October 2022
Meet us at Franchise Expo in Frankfurt this fall
Expandeers supports SME and Startups in expanding internationally. If you own a strong brand, a valid option would be to expand by giving our franchise licenses to trustworthy people abroad. We search for, identify and introduce those trustworthy parties to you.
01. August 2022
EXPANDEERS MIDDLE EAST new partner Ahmed Wasim.

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