Life after the times of Corona

Ways out of the crisis for medium-sized / Mittelstand companies and start-ups


Without any doubts society, politics and businesses around the world are currently experiencing an unprecedented challenge. From one day to the next nothing seems to be the same as the day before. Events overturn and existing structures are put to a strength test. It is not a war, but the effects feel that way. Few of us have experienced a major war in our lives. But you can imagine how strongly such events could possibly affect everyday life.

Bill Gates - the prophet?


In a TED lecture in 2015, Bill Gates already said that "There will probably be no more World Wars, but we will all have to fight pandemics and viruses. Instead of NATO - with always available troops - we need doctors, researchers and companies that work together encountering an outbreak and be able to end it quickly, and they need to be ready for action at any given time. It is a global task”. As we can see now Bill Gates was not heard in 2015.


Restrictions affect everybody, social contacts suffer. Schools and day care centers close, children must be looked after, homeschooling shows the digital deficits of schools and institutions in general. And companies? Shops are forcibly closed. Employees drop out due to company guidelines, due to illness or because of quarantine, have to look after their children or work in the home office ("working remotely" if one could). Covid-19 therefore means that end consumers can no longer buy in a classical way as they used to do it. The reasons for that obviously are that they no longer have the time to go shopping, should not actually go out at all, do not want to spend their disposable income, earn less through short-time work or even lay-offs, or simply see no point in “shopping”. The primary factor, however, is that stores were simply closed down by governmental order. This virus means that shops can no longer sell and consumers are no longer allowed to buy. No sales, no earnings ... that cannot be survived for long, as costs and claims (third-party as well as own) remain unchanged.


Yes, a crisis. But yes, let's carry on now!


Crisis !!!! Everything is bad, challenging, awful times. Absolutely out of question. But live has to go on - we all have to carry on. As an entrepreneur, you have a responsibility towards society, employees, but also family and yourself. So keep your eyes open and get through with your new start. No crisis lasts forever. The question is how do you deal with this crises, how do you get through the crisis and how could you possibly take advantage of opportunities to advance your company further or even reinvent it over all?

A selection ....

Check your business model, adjust it if necessary, expand your portfolio, differentiate your services. Identify your options, go for the most promising ones and implement them! For your international activities: Protect your employees, bring them home, but keep the markets open if they are lucrative for you.


Your outlets and stores are closed or soon to be reopened, employees are on short-time work or on forced vacation? Bring your products to your customers - with your employees through alternative channels you may not have thought of!


You may ask if you need to do everything by yourself? No, certainly not. Source out what you cannot do yourself. We support you! For a first free assessment of your situation and sparring of how we can get you through the current crisis, please contact or call 040 - 80 60 36 70.


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