Article: Global Trade from the perspective of Balanced Scorecard

Harvard University professor Robert S. Kaplan with David P. Norton published a book termed Balanced Scorecard. The four main pillars of Balanced Scorecard are Learning & Growth, Internal Business Processes, Financial and Customer. Any entity whether product or service oriented should have excellent human capital, thus the pillar of Learning & Growth. In the context of ever evolving Global Trade, it is imperative that these four pillars are accounted for.


Expandeers provides this human capital with its members, which encapsulates the pillars of the Balanced Scorecard, resulting in excellent Customer satisfaction.  This comes in the form of Expandeers facilitating and enabling customer goals in all the markets where Expandeers members serve.  Expandeers will utilize sound Internal Business Processes and Financials in meeting this excellent customer satisfaction. The result of such is enhanced and fruitful Global Trade with exemplified Customer relationship management.


About the author: George is Expandeers member since 2016, residing in Mississauga, Canada, focussing on business development in Canada and Sri Lanka.

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