Expandeers Partner for Vietnam: Gerhard

Welcome to Gerhard our new Associate Partner for Vietnam!


Gerhard has over 20 years of experience in doing business in Asia:

He has managed the supply chain of a large German trading company in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong /Shenzhen and Taiwan. He led numerous companies from the DACH region on their way to Southeast Asia to successful business .


Together with his partners and his wife, he has built up several businesses in Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, including a production company (EU standard) and a successful training company in Vietnam.

The cosmetic brand he has put on  the market in Thailand and Vietnam has won several awards. In addition to his expertise in the areas of supply chain and production, Gerhard also has extensive experience in sales and distribution in Southeast Asia.

  • Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic growth regions in the world and Vietnam is perhaps the most interesting country in Southeast Asia and beyond at the moment. Many experts refer to Vietnam as the "better China".
  • Vietnam has a very young upwardly mobile and achievement-oriented population with moderate wages.
  • Vietnam has the lowest market barriers in Asia.
  • Companies are increasingly investing in Vietnam because it is not involved in trade conflicts and consistently relies on free trade.
  • Southeast Asia is not only interesting for production and supply chain; due to the rapid development and emergence of middle classes (with higher purchasing power), it is also becoming an increasingly relevant sales market. Especially in Thailand, imported products enjoy great popularity.

For many companies Southeast Asia is a great mystery, but due to the dynamic developments there are great opportunities that you should let slip! Gerhard can make companies fit for Southeast Asia - if you would like to increase the performance or expand your business in this region, contact him at info@expandeers.com

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