Rescue your Mobile Phone and all your Data in just 72h


Worldwide people rely heavily on their electronic devices. Our phones hold our memories, work, photos, music, contacts and more, which is why is so important to keep them save. But accidents happen, and when water is involved, they can destroy your phone and data entirely in just a few minutes.

Water accidents on cell phones happen to every person once a year statistically on average and 100,000 Smartphones are destroyed every single day for this reason all over Europe. Additionally, technology centers estimate repair costs ranging from 100€ to up to 500€ for repairs, generating millions of Euros annually in expenses for mobile owners. The good news though, Dr. Dry presents the most suitable, fast and affordable solution to fix your phone from water damage within just 72 hours.

How does it work: The Dr. Dry Rescue Kit is capable of preventing corrosion when the device is exposed to water. It contains a highly absorbing Hyper Silica Plus gel and an innovative 360° drying technology granting a full recovery rate of up to 90%.


This environmental-friendly device can rescue all kind of pocket-sized electronics and can be easily applied: Open the sealed bag, put your phone into the bag, seal it up again and wait for 72 hours. Avoid spending hundreds of dollars on repairs and long days parted from friends, family or even social media.


Don’t wait until it’s too late, always have one Dr. Dry emergency kit in your drawer for a rainy day, a bath in the pool, a day out close to ponds, rivers and lakes, when aside your kids that may play with your phone and and and … statistically, it will happen to you this year! Don’t risk your data, don’t risk your phone.


Order Dr. Dry online at www.dr-dry.de or on Amazon.de or Expert.de

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