EXPANDEERS and bpa deepen their partnership!

We had been very happy to welcome Michael Herzog, CEO of bpa Business-Partner Analytics GmbH (Berlin) at our Expandeers HQ in Hamburg this February. During our meeting it became clear that our two business models fit together and are complementary.

We are happy to state that Business-Partner Analytics and Expandeers global network will deepen their partnership to provide even more comprehensive solutions to our clients. 

 Business-Partner Analytics offers a high quality “Business Partner Matchmaking” service based on exact and current data, an innovative search technique combined with perfect personal service. With their innovative software solution bpa is the solution for all companies who are seeking matching business partner or clients internationally that are personally pre-qualified and enriched by economic background data. 


Expandeers is the Germany-based and globally active business development organization that provides midsized companies instantly with local business development solutions including research, business services, sales and marketing in a large variety of Industries across the globe.


„bpa’s high quality lead generation and business partner matchmaking is a perfect complementary service we will offer to Expandeers’ clients.“, says Gerrit Stroomann, Managing Director of Expandeers. Michael Herzog adds that “Expandeers offers great synergies to bpa when clients seek more than business partners or potential clients in foreign markets.” 


This reinforced partnership will improve and optimize both business models and will supply best allocation of resources and activities. In short it will be a benefit for bpa’s and Expandeers‘ network as well as for all clients around the world.

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