As doing business and traveling abroad these times is challenging or even impossible, many companies are losing valuable revenues or even control abroad! We support your company and your international business activities locally - even in Corona times:


 • GLOBAL PRESENCES: Expandeers is already present in markets where you need support. We maintain our own offices and people across Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia

• FAST ONBOARDING: Expandeers is ready to act on your behalf and in your name within 48 hours

 • PRESERVING YOUR RESOURCES: No own sales staff or time spend required

 • COST SAVING: No need to travel abroad, no headhunter costs, no office rentals


That's what we call EAAS - EXPANSION AS A SERVICE 


Local Management

On behalf of your company we act as your prolonged management locally. We steer operations, set up a sales organisation, acquire new customers, take care of existing customers and maintain your marketing - analog and digital.


Our consulting includes all kinds of business activities, from finance and accounting to business services, staffing, marketing, sales and strategy. With us you can rely on highly professional business solutions.


Looking for staff abroad? A new Country Manager, new personell needed? We can provide you with local staffing from experienced managers that actually live and work in your abroad markets.

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