MACULA: New artificial intelligence-powered solution

The last months the corona virus affected catastrophically not just households and communities but global markets and general economy. Currently, businesses are finally re-opening; however social distancing must still be practiced in public life.  As a result, companies urge the need to be well-equipped to meet imposed measures, operate in a secure environment and remain competitive in the market.


Blindspot Solutions offers a unique artificial intelligence-powered solution to take precautionary steps to run your business safe: MACULA. This innovatory device is able to detect the maximum store capacity and continuously monitor the entry/exit zone for face mask recognition to protect your business.

Moreover, main characteristics of MACULA include easy installation and deployment, integration with previous security camera system, fully offline operation [no internet connection], hardware IP, camera and screen all-in-one solution integrated and wide variety of customization options. MACULA is available with or without hardware.


Furthermore, this all-in-one video-analytics model is still suitable for maintaining the security in your hotel, factory, market or any selling point after corona times. MACULA incorporates a fire and zone utilization detector, health issue indicator and a heat map constructor. 


One lesson of the crisis is the need to speed. Businesses must adapt through quick fixes and take advantage of the changing technology to become more efficient. MACULA offers them to continue doing what they do best—serve as reliable sources of products and services for people worldwide—while following health regulations to protect the vulnerable, at a lower relative cost and with less working capital.


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