Expandeers takes up membership with BVMW


Expandeers is very pleased to announce that it has joined the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW) and thus becomes part of one of the largest organizations in Germany.

As a leading cross-industry business association, the BVMW represents the interests of medium-sized companies and forms one of the most important networks of such businesses in Germany and Europe. BVMW has a network of over 300 regional local offices in Germany and co-operates with many national partner associations throughout the world and has agreements with numerous associations.


Within these co-operations the BVMW has an extensive and fruitful exchange of knowledge concerning common projects and regularly organizes international conferences on various topics dealing with foreign affairs. Through our membership of the BVMW, Expandeers has the opportunity to provide its services to this network and also to benefit from the services of this group. This member ship gives complementary possibilities to Expandeers business activities.


Commitment to the ethical principles of medium-sized businesses is important to Expandeers Global Network. As a member of the BVMW, Expandeers adheres to the principles of sustainability, fair competition, commercial reliability and to humanity in all of our business activities.

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